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24x14 Style #7

24x14 Style #7

1/64 scale 3d printed wheels and tires. True to scale 24x14! They come raw, ready for paint and accompanied with your choice of tire size, 33", 35", 37" mud tires or 33” street tires. The wheels are designed to fit 3/64 brass axles *not included* Wheels in picture are painted chrome for enhanced visual. Last three pictures are for tread and size reference.


    This wheel was designed and printed by myself. They are true to scale 24x14. They come raw and ready for paint. 24x14 wheels come with the option of tire size from 33" tires, 35" tires and 37" tires. Most tires come in a natural black color but colors may vary based on the color of the resin used. This is a 2 piece wheel and tire product. Some tires may require some glue to prevent sliding off, others come tight to the wheel. Designed to take 3/64" brass axle that can be found a hobby lobby.


    I do not take returns. All sales are final. 3d printed products can be fragile at times. If an item unfortunalately is broken in the mail please contact me via email or DM me on Instagram. My email is

    If you break something while building something please contact me and we can work something out for a replacement. 


    I currently try to ship as soon as possible. Depending on the demand for certain items they may be order to print. Items will be packaged securely and shipped via USPS. You will receive a tracking number. 

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